Sim Racing User Interface Survey

Hello and welcome! 

This Survey is intended only for Sim Racers with a Steering Wheel in the line of sight of their primary display. It is not intended for Racers using VR or non-Wheel controllers.



1. Click the image below which matches your monitor ratio

2. View the image at full-screen on your primary Racing display (tip – F11 should activate full screen in most browsers)

2. Sit in the normal position you do while racing

3. Make a note of the regions that you can’t see clearly (include any areas that you need to move your head to see)

3. Complete the survey below.

16:9 Ratio (eg; 1920 x 1080) —

16:10 Ratio (eg; 2560 x 1600) —

21:9 Ratio (eg; 3440 x 1440) —

Thank you for your help! The results will give the Sim Racing community better UI design. Results will be published in due course for the benefit of the entire community.

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